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Gold Club is an exclusive membership package that offers you fantastic benefits as part of your insurance with Oakhurst. These benefits include:

Roadside Emergency Benefits

Towing (insured event), Transport to Place of Safety, Breakdown Assistance & Towing, Transport to Place of Safety, Car Hire Assistance or Hotel Accommodation, Return of Vehicle, Hijacking assistance, Locksmith assistance, Flat battery assistance, Flat tyre assistance, Fuel assistance, Transmission of urgent messages

Medical Emergency Benefits

Medical Response, Medical Transportation, Medical Advice, Transmission of Urgent Message(s)

Household Emergency Benefits

Plumber Assistance, Electrician Assistance, Appliance Assistance, Glazier Assistance, Locksmith Assistance, Additional Referral Services

Legal Benefits

Legal Advice, Legal Referral, Legal Documentation, 2 x 30 Minute Face to Face Consultations

Road Protect Benefits

Clients receive Fines Protect, Licence Protect, Pothole Protect, Accident Protect

Lifestyle Benefits & Discounts

Our clients receive discounts and preferential rates from Tiger Wheel & Tyre, Tyres & More, Discounted Car Hire Booking Service
If you have any queries, please click here to enter your details or call us on 0861 001 041 and choose option 4.