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The Good Driver Programme uses leading-edge telematics technology – through the Oakhurst Smart-box installed in your car – to reward you for good driving behaviour. Not only do you get feedback to help you drive better and more safely, but you also stand the chance to get monthly cash-back rewards with our Good Driver Bonus*!

How it works

We strive to lead the way in improving insurance through telematics and want to find the best ways to reward our clients for good driving. Our Good Driver Programme focuses on three important areas:

Driver Safety

Proactive Emergency Assistance

Accurate Insurance Premiums

Driver Safety

Safety behind the wheel is extremely important to us, and keeping you safe on the road all starts with how you drive. We encourage you to improve your driving with our

  • Rewards programme
    You can get monthly cash-back rewards for good, safe driving
  • Driver education
    We give you feedback on your personal driving behaviour, along with specific tips on how to improve

Proactive Emergency Assistance

We want to make sure that, if you are involved in an accident, we can send help immediately, and have introduced a Proactive Emergency Assist function to the Oakhurst Smart-Box installed in your vehicle. The Smart-Box will send us a crash notification if your vehicle suffers an impact as the result of a collision. This allows us to

  • Contact you to assess the situation and send help if needed
  • Call your emergency contacts if we can’t get hold of you
  • Register your claim at the scene of the accident

Accurate Insurance Premiums

By understanding how you drive, we can offer accurate premiums and pricing based on your driving behaviour. In effect, the more safely you drive, the better your premiums will be.

Good Driver Bonus*

For every trip you make in your insured vehicle (with the Oakhurst Smart-Box installed), you will receive a driving score. The maximum score is 100%. Each “negative observation” relative to our seven key indicators during your trip will result in a reduction of your score.

Seven key indicators

  • Distance travelled
  • Harsh acceleration
  • Harsh braking
  • Speed
  • Time of day
  • Cornering
  • Swerving

How we work out the bonus

We base the Good Driver Bonus* on the average of the scores for all the trips that you complete in your vehicle during the month.

Your final score is the average of all your trip scores in the month. At the end of the month, your final score is compared to the scores of our other clients in one of three leader boards

  • Low distance
  • Medium distance
  • High distance

The top 100 drivers in each leader board receive 25% of their monthly premiums back in cash, while the second 100 drivers from each leader board receive 15% of their premiums back.

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*Risk profile dependent. T’s and C’s apply.