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Specialised Business Insurance

We offer a number of specialised and innovative business insurance products. These include:

Oakhurst Taxi

Yes, we insure taxis – minibuses, shuttle services and small tour operators!

Commercial Motor

This policy is specially designed to meet the needs of contractors in South Africa. It aims to benefit contractors who use light delivery vehicles and small commercial vehicles for their day-to-day business.

Oakhurst Drone Insurance

Oakhurst is proud to introduce Drone Insurance. After extensive research and consultation with drone experts, we have created a specialised product that can be tailored to meet our client’s individual needs.

Gold Club for business clients*

* When selected

Oakhurst tailors the Gold Club benefits package to suit the unique needs of business clients. Along with roadside emergency, medical emergency, household emergency, legal emergency and designated driver benefits, our business clients also receive:

Replacement Vehicle Benefit

We provide business clients with a replacement vehicle if their insured vehicle suffers a mechanical breakdown, is having a routine service or is being repaired after an accident.

24-hour Accident Management and Repair Service

Following an accident or breakdown, we keep our business clients continuously informed about the replacement or repair process.

Trip Monitoring Service

We can monitor business vehicles that have tracking devices installed at pre-arranged intervals to ensure that drivers reach their destinations safely.

Goods in Transit Assistance

Should a business vehicle that is carrying goods be involved in an accident or break down, we arrange to move the goods to a place of safety.

Security Assist Benefit

We offer business clients assistance if their mobile phones, bank cards, keys or vehicles are stolen, as well as trauma counselling.

Road Protect Benefits

Our business clients receive Fines Protect, Licence Protect, Pothole Protect and Accident Protect benefits.

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